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Need to generate a password? Try Strong Password Generator.

Just need a master password to generate secure passwords to keep your network safe.

Please enter the master password


Stop using birthdays or pets as passwords!

It is dangerous to use the same password for every site.
If your passwords are involved in a hack or data breach, all your web data is at risk. That's why I developed Strong Password Generator, to let you equip each account with strong and random passwords that are different and protected by a master password that only you know.

After using it, forget your password.

After using this program, you will only need to remember ...... One password.
The program's internal built-in irreversible algorithm returns your password to the password format you need after layers of processing. And for different websites, you only need to set different sub-passwords (such as website name, website URL, etc.) to generate completely different, irregular passwords, and through the password recording function that comes with major browsers, you generally only need to enter the password once. Even if you forget, you can easily retrace your password by remembering the main password.

How does this program generate passwords?

As with most great things, the secret behind it is the mystery formula: the irregularity, randomness, and consistency of cryptographic security (and a teaspoon of magic model). This program uses these ingredients to automatically generate unique passwords for you.
If the site has specific password requirements, you can easily adjust the settings to tailor the results to those requirements. Say goodbye to those "forgot password" links.
What type of password should I use?

The best, most secure passwords consist of random characters. Use this program to generate such strong and unique passwords for most of your accounts and services.

Use the password generator to generate security questions and answers.

If you are still using personal information as answers to security questions, stop doing so! This information can often be easily obtained to allow others to access your account.
Please set the question (or the answer to the question) as a secondary password in the strong random password generator of this program, and use the generated content as the answer. This way even if you forget it, you can get the same content by re-operation.